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Requiem Aeternum has a pretty standard and open policy when it comes to builds. In a nutshell, players can have as many builds as they can afford (ICly) based on their Resources. We don't limit rooms really, rather we ask that players remain realistic to their resources and the location type.

Furthermore, staff are always happy to add new places to play to the grid, so you wanna add an NPC owned location? Just hit us up.

So, how do you go about getting that awesome new spot on the grid? Check out the info below for a step by step guide.

Requesting Your Build

So, before you can get down to the real work, you need to roll your sleeves up and decide on a few details. These details are listed below:

  • Provide the name: XXX: Building Name - District
    • Players should determine where they want their building to be located and be prepared to provide the full name of the location. Additionally when adding a location inside of a location, such as an internal room, the naming convention changes to: XXX: Room Name, Building Name - District
    • Example: XXX: Bobs Burgers - South Shore
    • Example: XXX: Kitchen, Bobs Burgers - South Shore
  • Provide the build type: Private, Group or Business
  • Necessary Rooms: How many rooms in all will you need?
  • Character Resources: Provide the players resources.
    • We do not allow for players to combine resources unless both players have the Resources available and at the necessary resource level.
  • Tell us about the location: If this is a business, tell us what the business offers to the public, if it provides a service under the table or is meant to have some significance to a specific sphere.

Once this information has been provided to staff via +Request, staff will review it and a builder will be provided. Don't know how to build? No worries, we'll lend a helping hand.