Actions and Consequences Policy

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When it comes to dealing with actions and consequences the rule is simple: ICA=ICC.

In Character Actions will always lead to In Character Consequences. What this means for you as players is that for every IC action there will (or should be) an IC reaction. If you character slips into a werewolf hangout and picks a fight, your character may find themselves in a situation they may not be able to escape without serious repercussions. If your character carelessly kills someone, they just might find out that the cops, or even hunters, are out looking for them, and guess what? You can’t just thumb your nose at them and go on about your business.

It’s important for players to remember that by choosing to RP on the game, they are agreeing to accept the consequences of their actions in a sensible and logical way.

In addition to the above, players also need to keep in mind that they have a responsibility to clearly communicate to other players in a scene where one or more characters may find themselves in danger. Once a scene has been declared as potentially hazardous, players who choose to remain ICly involved are agreeing that they all understand and accept the possible outcomes.

Players should remember that refusing to accept the ICC of their ICA will result in disciplinary actions.